Seminar on strong Interaction: First pp data and physics program of the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC

by Dr P. Foka (GSI)

Seminar room 3344 (Physics Department Garching, TUM)

Seminar room 3344

Physics Department Garching, TUM

Dr. P. Foka for the ALICE Collaboration GSI The ALICE experiment, optimised to study heavy-ion collisions at the CERN LHC, took successfully its first data on Nov 23 2009 recording some 300 eventsfrom the first pp colli-ding beams at injection energy. The analysis of those very first events led to the first publication of the LHC era with the measurement on charged particle pseudorapidity density in pp at 900 GeV centre of mass energy. A total of about 350 000 collisions were recorded and the data are currently being analysed. In addition to measurements for comparison to the heavy-ion results, several other physics topics including baryon/antibaryon asymmetry, high-pt physics, understanding the underlying event, are also be addressed in the ALICE pp physics program. The current status of the experiment and its physics program will be presented with emphasis on the analysis of the first data.