Universality of the chiral transition from lattice QCD with 2+1 flavors, by Wolfgang Unger, Universität Bielefeld

1141 Seminarraum T39 (Minkowski) (Physik-Department TUM)

1141 Seminarraum T39 (Minkowski)

Physik-Department TUM

In the vicinity of the chiral transition temperature, we analyze the quark mass dependence of the chiral condensate and chiral susceptibilitiy in QCD with two degenerate light quarks and a physical strange quark in the chiral limit of the light quark mass. We provide evidence for the influence of thermal fluctuations of Goldstone modes on the chiral condensate at finite temperature. Via the magnetic equation of state, we discuss the contribution of these fluctuations to the scaling function, which is found to be in agreement with O(2) scaling. We analyze whether this finding, which was established on a rather coarse lattice (N_tau=4), is also consistent with new data from a finer lattice (N_tau=8).