Münchner Physik Kolloquium: „Magnetism & Superconductivity: Enemies or Allies?

by Prof. Dr. E. M. Forgan (Condensed Matter Physics, University of Birmingham, U.K.)

Hörsaal 2 (Physik Department der TUM, Garching)

Hörsaal 2

Physik Department der TUM, Garching

The antipathy of superconductivity and magnetism in pure metals is evident from two facts: small magnetic fields are expelled from superconductors, and larger fields destroy superconductivity altogether. However, for “unconventional superconductivity” found in compounds studied in recent years, the relationship between superconductivity and magnetism is much more intimate: superconductivity can coexist with very high applied magnetic fields, and with magnetism in the material. We will describe fascinating phenomena in a variety of superconducting materials, mainly investigated by detecting magnetic fields with neutrons, and what this tells us about the nature and origin of different superconducting states.