What can we learn about strange particles?

by Prof. Laura Fabbietti (TUM)

Seminar Room (Excellence Cluster Universe)

Seminar Room

Excellence Cluster Universe

The study of the meson-baryon interaction in cold and in dense nuclear matter, has been the focus of several experiments in nuclear physics in the intermediate energy regime ( Ekin~1-10AGeV) in the last two decades. Kaon production has been studied in heavy ion collisions and the results compared to theoretical models to establish the nature and the strength of the kaon-nucleus potential and to determine the parameters which govern the equation of state (EOS) of nuclear matter. On the other hand, the Kaon-Nucleon potential is under analysis, mainly via the study of rare resonances like the Lambda(1405), using pion, kaon, photon and proton beams. Parallel to that the search of more exotic state, kaonic bound states, which see a kaon bound with two or more nucleons is carried out. This talk presents an overview about the status of the art of these investigations.