Research Area E Science Day

new seminar room – MPE 1.1.18b (MPE, Garching)

new seminar room – MPE 1.1.18b

MPE, Garching

On 7 June, the Research Area E investigating the “dark components of the Universe” will hold a meeting to present and discuss the status and results of projects within this group. The meeting addresses members of the Excellence Cluster Universe as well as scientists of other research institutions. No registration is necessary, just come, participate in the discussions and enjoy.    

09:00  Martin Kilbinger: Galaxy clustering in the CFHTLS Wide: tracing the evolution of mass and light since z=1.2
09:30  Raimund Strauß: New Results from CRESST Run32
10:00  David Tran: Gamma-Ray and antimatter signatures of unstable dark matter
10:30  Coffee Break
11:00  Stephani Rusli: Black hole masses and dark matter in elliptical galaxies
11:30  Arno Riffeser: First microlensing events from PAndromeda
12:00  Tommaso Giannantonio: Constraining cosmology from large-scale structure and the cosmic microwave background
12:30  Lunch Break
13:30  Christian Ciemniak: Quenching factor measurements at low temperatures for the direct dark matter search experiments CRESST and EURECA
14:00  Holger Schlagenhaufer: Constraining w and b with the large-scale clustering of galaxies
14:30  Francesco Montesano: Cosmological constraints from the large-scale power spectrum of the luminous red galaxies
15:00  Jochen Liske: E-ELT and the Dark Universe
15:30  Coffee Break
16:00  Patricia Spinelli: Weak lensing mass estimates of galaxy groups and the line-of-sight contamination
16:30  Gurvan Bazin: Status of mass calibration with the South Pole Telescope
17:00  Rene Fassbender: Exploring the properties of galaxy clusters in the first half of the Universe
17:30  Bayrische Brotzeit