Jul 29 – 31, 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone


In order to elicit fresh perspectives and set the stage for a well-balanced program, the SOC has developed a "wish list" of twelve talk topics that we would like to see addressed at the workshop. This list is appended below. You are free to propose to give a talk on a topic from this list, or give a contributed talk or poster on a topic of your choice (as space permits). This format follows the template used by several previous workshops: the SOC will invite a small number of speakers initially, and will fill the majority of the program with speakers who volunteer to give "wish list" talks or propose their own topics. "Wish list" talks may be longer than other contributed talks, schedule permitting.

  1. Just how well do we know the cosmic evolution of OmegaHI(z) and OmegaH2(z)?
  2. How can we best – or most completely – characterize ISM mass at z > 1?
  3. At high redshift, how do HI emission-line and absorption-line observations relate to optical absorption-line and molecular emission-line measurements of cosmic gas reservoirs?
  4. How can HI dynamics be used to probe the connection between galaxies and their dark matter halos over cosmic time?
  5. What do the properties of HI in the Galaxy and nearby galaxies lead us to expect at higher redshifts?
  6. How important is HI for the internal thermodynamics, pressure, turbulence, and phase mixing of the ISM?
  7. What is the relationship between galaxies' HI reservoirs and their ionized circumgalactic media at z ~ 0?
  8. How do the kinematics of halo gas seen in absorption relate to those of HI seen in emission?
  9. What robust observational evidence exists for gas infall and outflow?
  10. What do theoretical models predict about the origin and fate of HI in and around galaxies?
  11. What aspects of multi-phase ISM physics are the sources of greatest concern in current simulations of galaxy formation?
  12. How can a z ~ 0 HI survey usefully inform the analysis of a z ~ 1 HI survey – and perhaps vice versa?