E15 General Meeting

Pension Brunner

Pension Brunner

Passlerstr. 18 Antholz 39030 Rasun Anterselva BZ South Tirol/Italy
Lothar Oberauer (TUM) , Stefan Schönert (TUM)

Dear E15ers,

we have our E15 General Meeting 2019 in the wonderful area of South-Tirol. We will stay at "Pension Brunner" which is located in Antholz, a small village close to the border of Austria. The meeting takes place from Monday the 01.04.2019 08:00 until Friday the 05.04.2019 12:00. We will go there by car already on Sunday lunch time. The cars will be organised by our chair. 

It is foreseen that everybody gives a talk related to her/his project. As you will see in the preliminary timetable the talks are structured in different sessions, each session related to one experiment. The idea is that each group will elaborate a session plan in its time slot, starting with a broad introduction. The focus of the following talks should be on what is your contribution to the experiment and what are the goals, challenges and methods you use and not on technical details. A preliminary timetable will be added soon.

For a better planing of our meeting, please register latest until March 14th. All master and doctoral students, as well postdocs are expected to participate at the meeting.  If you don't manage to attend the meeting please write an e-mail to Stefan and Lothar explaining the reasons. We are afraid that we do not have funding to invite Bachelor students to join the retreat.

We are looking forward to a productive meeting in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

Your Retreat-Team 

E15 General Meeting in South-Tirol
  • Alexander Langenkämper
  • Andrea Mascheroni
  • Angelina Kinast
  • Birgit Neumair
  • Christoph Wiesinger
  • Elisabetta Bossio
  • Elizabeth Mondragon
  • Gabriela Rodrigues Araujo
  • Hans Steiger
  • Josephine Dietrich
  • Julia Sawatzki
  • Konrad Altenmüller
  • Konstantin Schweizer
  • Luca Pattavina
  • Mario Schwarz
  • Matteo Agostini
  • Michael Willers
  • Oliver Dötterl
  • Oskar Moras
  • Patrick Krause
  • Raimund Strauss
  • Raphael Stock
  • Simon Appel
  • Stefan Schönert
  • Tina Pollmann
  • Tobias Ortmann
  • Tommaso Comellato
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