Universe Cluster Farewell Celebration

lecture hall / faculty club (IAS, Garching)

lecture hall / faculty club

IAS, Garching

Lichtenbergstraße 2 a 85748 Garching
Marc Schartmann (LMU / MPE)

Scientific Colloquium to bid farewell to the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee as well as the Research Board of the Excellence Cluster Universe and to give an overview over the exciting science within the new Origins Cluster. There will be a series of scientific talks in the lecture hall of the IAS (open to all members of the Universe as well as Origins Excellence Clusters) followed by a dinner in the IAS faculty club (RB Universe, RB Origins and SAC only).

Invited speakers:

                                   Prof. John R. Ellis (King's College, London)

                                   Prof. Siegfried Bethke (MPP, Munich)

                                   Dr. Kissler-Patig (ESA, Madrid)

                                   Prof. Wolfgang Hillebrandt (MPA, Garching)

Please find the program below.

The deadline for registration was May 31st, 2019.