Mar 15 – 21, 2020
Rußbach am Paß Gschütt, Austria
Europe/Berlin timezone
17th Rußbach School on Nuclear Astrophysics Open for Registration

Getting to Rußbach

Here are the instructions for those coming via transit or by car to the school.


By Transit

Whether you are already within Europe, or arriving by air at either Munich Airport or Salzburg Airport, the process of getting to the School site is a two-step process. First, one must make their way to Golling - Abtenau station train station. After disembarking at Golling - Abtenau station, exit the station (there is only 1 exit), and turn right. Make your way about 30 meters up the street from the station, where you will find the "Postbus" bus stop. See this image to know exactly where you should be at this point; namely, the bus stop you see highlighted in the yellow box. There are several buses of different routes which serve this stop, so be sure you're getting on the correct bus. The bus route you need is 470. The specific destination to which you are to go is: Rußbach am Pass Gschütt Gseng. Tell the driver, "Gseng" when you embark, and then he will know to stop the bus at that stop.

Please see this schedule which shows the all-day schedule of the 470 bus for the dates of Saturday, March 14, 2020, to Sunday March 22, 2020, departing Golling-Abtenau train station and arriving at Rußbach am Pass Gschütt Gseng and back. NOTE: The last bus of the day from Golling-Abtenau station on Sunday, March 15, 2020, is at 19:36. If you cannot arrive prior to this time, and you know this will be the case in advance, then please contact the organizers so that a pick-up can be arranged. If it turns out that delays or other unforeseen circumstances cause you to miss the last bus, then please contact the Gasthof Auswinkl by phone as soon as you can to arrange an emergency pick-up. Their phone number is:
+43 6242 366.

You can also yourself determine the schedule for this bus by clicking this Postbus website link. Chose under "From": Golling-Abtenau Bahnhof, as your starting point. Chose under "To": Rußbach am Pass Gschütt Gseng as your destination. Be sure to set the date and the bus departure time accordingly. This will allow you to plan your train ticket to have you arrive at Golling-Abtenau station for the next available route 470 bus. The total travel-time on the bus is about 45 minutes. The ticket is included in the guest card, that you will get after the pre-check-in of your hotel. NOTE: The hotel owners can only pre-check-in your data if you fill the google form at

Upon disembarking the bus at Gseng, make your way to the large yellow Gasthof Auswinkl, which is on the same side of the road where the bus dropped you off, and just some ~50 meters walk up the road.

For arrivals at Salzburg airport, see the OBB site for booking a train ticket from the airport to Golling-Abtenau. Those arriving at Munich Airport are suggested to use the Deutschbahn site to book their train ticket to Golling-Abtenua.



By Car

Your final, precise, destination is the Gasthof Außwinkl in the town of Gseng. The proprieter of this hotel is Werner Kerschbaumer and the phone number of the hotel is +43 6242 366 if you need any specific details/help finding it. We recommend that you use your car's NAVI system to find your own route to the Gasthof. The exact address of the hotel is: Gasthof Außwinkl, Gseng 57, 5442 Rußbach am Pass Gschütt, Austria.

Alternatively, you can use this Googlemaps link, where we have inputted the Auswinkl as your driving destination. Please enter your starting point (top left corner of the interface) from which your route can be determined.