Seminar Strong Interaction

Production of $X(3872)$ in $e^+e^-$ annihilation

by Kevin Ingles (The Ohio State University)

3344 (TUM - Physics Department - Garching)


TUM - Physics Department - Garching

James-Franck-Str.1 85748 Garching

The $X(3872)$ can be produced in $e^+e^-$ annihilation by the creation of $D^{*0}\bar D^{*0}$ from a virtual photon, followed by the rescattering of the $P$-wave mesons into $X$ and a photon. The cross section for $e^+e^-\to X\gamma$ has a narrow peak 2.2 MeV above the $D^{*0}\bar D^{*0}$ threshold. This peak is the result of a triangle singularity. We calculate the normalized cross section near the $D^{*0}\bar D^{*0}$ threshold. The calculated peak is large enough to be measured by the BESIII collaboration. The observation of this peak would provide strong evidence for the identification of the $X$ as a hadronic molecule.