Munich/Garching Dark Matter (ORIGINS CN-3) meeting - Speaker: Miguel Escudero (TUM)  "B-Mesogenesis: Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from B Mesons"

Mathias Garny (TUM)

In this talk, based on ​ 1810.00880 and ​ 2101.02706​ , I will present a new mechanism of Baryogenesis and Dark Matter production: B-Mesogenesis. Within the B-Mesogenesis paradigm, both the dark matter relic abundance and the baryon asymmetry arise from neutral B meson oscillations and subsequent decays in the early Universe. If this mechanism is at play in the early Universe it would lead to unique collider signatures that I will describe in detail. I will also discuss various possibilities for the dark sector. Finally, I will show that a combination of measurements at BaBar, Belle, Belle II, LHCb, ATLAS & CMS can fully test B-Mesogenesis.

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 Meeting ID: 950 7111 3164

Passcode: 829582


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