ORIGINS Science Week 2021, 22 - 25 November in Kloster Irsee

Kloster Irsee,

Kloster Irsee,


We are excited to greet you at Kloster Irsee at the Annual Science Meeting of the ORIGINS Excellence Cluster.

The agenda includes invited talks, overview and highlight talks from our research units, connectors and infrastructures as well as Seed Money sessions with short talks.

Our General Assembly will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

NEW as of Nov 16th: The event will be 2G, so be prepared to show your covid vaccination or recovery status, preferably digitally, together with your ID, upon arriving at Kloster Irsee. Please refrain from on-site participation if you have symptoms and also make use of testing to be safe.  We will have rapid self-tests free-of-charge on-site. The  “separation (1,5 meter) or mask  (FFP2)” “Abstand oder Maske”  rule also applies.   50 seats at 1.5 meter separation are available in the beautiful “Festsaal” of 200 square meters. 

All talks with the exception of the evening talks will be live-streamed per Zoom.

Meeting ID: 627 1983 7285

Passcode: 147160


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  • Achim Weiss
  • Aharon Levy
  • Alexandre Barreira
  • Alice Smith-Gicklhorn
  • Allen Caldwell
  • Andreas Burkert
  • Andreas Weiler
  • Cesar Hernandez-Aguayo
  • Christian Alig
  • Christof Mast
  • Christoph Jagfeld
  • Corinna Kufner
  • Daniel Gruen
  • Dheeraj Kanaparthi
  • Diederik Kruijssen
  • Dieter Braun
  • Dimitar Mihaylov
  • Eiichiro Komatsu
  • Elena Hoemann
  • Elisa Resconi
  • Federica Petricca
  • Francesca Capel
  • Halina Abramowicz
  • Hanno Filter
  • Hans Boehringer
  • Heerak Banerjee
  • Henrique Rubira
  • Hermann Wolter
  • Ivo Sachs
  • Jakob Knollmüller
  • Katharina Langosch
  • Katrin Penski
  • Kevin Heng
  • Lorenzo Tancredi
  • Luca Pattavina
  • Lucia Canonica
  • Lukas Heinrich
  • Martin Beneke
  • Martin Losekamm
  • Mathias Garny
  • Matthias Meier
  • Michael Willers
  • Mikhail Mikhasenko
  • Moritz Fischer
  • Nahuel Ferreiro Iachellini
  • Natalia Borodatchenkova
  • Oliver Schulz
  • Oliver Trapp
  • Paolo Campeti
  • Peter Fierlinger
  • Petra Schwille
  • Raimund Strauss
  • Richard Ellis
  • Roman Gernhaeuser
  • Samuel Ward
  • Sandra Schmid-Willers
  • Stefan Schoenert
  • Stephan Paul
  • Theo Glauch
  • Thomas Kuhr
  • TIl Birnstiel
  • Tomy Kufner
  • Torsten Enßlin
  • Uli Haisch
  • Ulrich Walter
  • Veronica Errasti Diez
  • Volker Springel
  • Wolfram Weise