ORIGINS Connector-5/ MPA workshop : Gas Flows around Galaxies

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 9:00 AM
MPA (Seminar Room)

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May 24, 2022
9:15 AM Connecting Quasar Spectroscopy to Circumgalactic Medium with SDSS and DESI - Abhijeet Anand (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
9:30 AM The AMUSE^2 survey: A look at the halo and large-scale environment of high-z quasars with known extended Lyman-alpha emission - Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
9:45 AM Ionised gas winds revealed by KMOS at Cosmic Noon. - Alice Concas (ESO)   (Seminar Room)
10:00 AM Galactic feedback and CGM enrichment at high-z - Michele Ginolfi (ESO)   (Seminar Room)
10:15 AM Quasar Feedback Survey – low power jets driving multi-phase outflows and turbulences - Aishwarya Girdhar (ESO)   (Seminar Room)
10:30 AM --- Coffee & Tea break ---
11:00 AM Searching for large-scale gas reservoirs around high-redshift submillimeter-bright galaxies - Vale González Lobos (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
11:15 AM The impact of gas flows on the mass and metallicity based relations with MUSE and XShooter observations - Ivanna Langan (ESO)   (Seminar Room)
11:30 AM Dust/gas thermal decoupling in circumgalactic Medium and the implication for the stellar initial mass function - Paola Andreani (ESO)   (Seminar Room)
11:45 AM Dusty quasars eject molecular gas from galaxies at cosmic noon - Hannah Stacey (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
12:00 PM --- Discussion Session ---
12:30 PM --- Lunch Break ---
1:30 PM How Robust are the Inferred Density and Metallicity of the Circumgalactic Medium? - Anshuman Acharya (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
1:45 PM Cospatial 21 cm and metal line absorbers in the Epoch of Reionization - Aniket Bhagwat (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
2:00 PM AGN-driven outflows and the origin of Lya nebulae around high-z quasars - Tiago Costa (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
2:15 PM Multiphase gas in a magnetised turbulent medium - Hitesh Kishore Das (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
2:30 PM Merger shocks in galactic haloes - Klaus Dolag (USM/LMU)   (Seminar Room)
2:45 PM The Evolution of Multiphase Gas in the Circumgalactic Medium - Ryan Farber (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
3:00 PM --- Coffee & Tea Break ---
3:30 PM The interplay between galaxies and cosmic filament properties - Daniela Galárraga-Espinosa (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
3:45 PM The baryon cycle in dwarf galaxies - Thorsten Naab (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
4:00 PM The effect of Braginskii viscosity in the Intracluster Medium - Tirso Marin Gilabert (USM/LMU)   (Seminar Room)
4:15 PM Simulated extended [CII] emission around high-redshift galaxies - Nahir Munoz Elgueta (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
4:30 PM What can Lyman-alpha tell us about the CGM? - Max Gronke (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
4:45 PM Turbulent Heating in a Stratified Medium - Mateusz Ruszkowski (MPA)   (Seminar Room)
5:00 PM --- Discussion Session ---
7:00 PM --- Dinner Session ---