Garchinger Maier-Leibnitz-Kolloquium: A glimpse into the dark - probing the universe with deep underground liquid xenon detectors

by Dr Fabian Kuger (Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg)

Lecture Hall, ground floor (west) (LMU building, Am Coulombwall 1)

Lecture Hall, ground floor (west)

LMU building, Am Coulombwall 1


The nature of the dark matter in our galaxy and the universe is one of the outstanding riddles of modern (astroparticle-) physics. Time projection chambers (TPCs) instrumenting liquid xenon (LXe) targets are the most successful detectors in not detecting dark matter, i.e. they set the world leading limits on the cross-section of WIMP dark matter with standard matter. A future multiple ton LXe target TPC, such as the DARWIN observatory, will push this detection boundary down into the neutrino fog, the ultimate limit for the non-directional direct WIMP detection.
In this colloquium you will learn about the dark matter in our universe, how to detect its direct interaction with matter and how a future LXe TPC experiment could resolve open questions in astro-, neutrino- and nuclear physics beyond the WIMP case.

Hybrid access via ZOOM:
Meeting ID: 984 5733 2925
Passcode: 979953

Organized by

Peter Thirolf (LMU) / Norbert Kaiser (TUM)