Lyman-X Day

Eridanus (ESO)



Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA), Max Gronke (MPA)

The main goal of the workshop is to connect scientists within the Munich community that work on Lyman lines (both emission and absorption; Lyman-alpha, Lyman-beta, …) and Lyman continuum - so called Lyman-X, and to spark a discussion for future collaborations.

The scientific scope is grouped around three main areas:

Galaxy formation / evolution  How can Lyman-X data bring a new perspective? How can (low-z, z~<3) observations help to constrain the gas in & around galaxies?

The Epoch of Reionization (EoR) and the high-z Universe. How the bright Lyman-alpha line can be used to detect the most distant sources, constrain the EoR and help to find the sources driving reionization (e.g., as a proxy for ionizing photon escape)?

Large-scale structure / Cosmology. How in particular Lyman-alpha is used in emission (Intensity Mapping) as well as absorption (tomography) as a tool for cosmology to probe the large-scale structure of the Universe with ongoing and future surveys such as HETDEX or DESI? How can simulations and theory aid this process?

We expect a fruitful synergy between observational motivations and theoretical developments in a friendly, respectful atmosphere.

LOC — Eiichiro Komatsu, MPA

SOC — Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia, Benedetta Ciardi, Max Gronke (all MPA), Max Fabricius (MPE), Celine Peroux (ESO), Michael Walther (USM)

Deadlines —Abstract submission: 1. September, Registration: 28. September

Program — PDF

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