ORIGINS Guest Talk, Dr. Mireia Montes : How the intracluster light is going to change your life!

MPE: Room:X2/209

MPE: Room:X2/209


Dr. Mireia Montes, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, is a guest of Dr. Stella Seitz, Dr. Matthias Kluge and Prof. Ralf Bender, visiting together with Prof. A. Gonzalez, and collaborating on intracluster light in clusters and groups of galaxies.


There are a huge number of astrophysical events that remain barely studied due to the lack of large, multiwavelength and deep surveys. These events are those which are very faint and extend over large areas of the sky. For instance, only a handful of galaxy clusters have been observed deep enough to witness the intracluster light (ICL), a byproduct of interactions between galaxies in clusters. In the course of these interactions, individual stars are stripped from their galaxies and float freely, following the potential of the cluster and forming this diffuse light. Therefore, characterizing the ICL is key to understanding the assembly mechanisms occurring inside galaxy clusters. Despite its importance, little is known about this light as it is very difficult to observe due to its low surface brightness.

The availability of deep survey have expanded our knowledge of the properties, and therefore the origin, of the ICL. In this talk, I will present the latest advances in our understanding of the ICL. I will also talk about the technical challenges of low surface brightness imaging and the possibility to explore the dark matter distribution in galaxy clusters by using this diffuse light.


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