Jun 1 – 2, 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

Studying the interactions of charm hadrons with femtoscopy

Jun 2, 2023, 9:00 AM



Daniel Battistini (TUM)


In the last years, several unconventional hadrons were observed in the charm sector. As such hadrons cannot be explained as 2- or 3-quark states, they are considered to be quark bags or hadron molecules. To unveil their nature it is necessary to constrain the strong nuclear force that governs the interactions of charm hadrons. An excellent tool to achieve this is the femtoscopy technique, namely the study of phase-space correlations between pairs of particles. In fact, by analyzing its main observable, the correlation function, the scattering parameters can be extracted and the formation of bound states can be tested.

In this contribution, the measurement of the strong final-state interaction between open-charm and light-flavor mesons is presented. The analysis is performed using high-multiplicity proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13~\mathrm{TeV}$, collected by the ALICE collaboration during the Run 2 data-taking period (2016-2018). In addition, the upgrade projections for the next-generation experiment ALICE 3 are shown, focusing on the $\mathrm{DD}^*$ and $\mathrm{D\overline{D}}{}^*$ interactions.

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