Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop "Challenges in statistical inference"

Seminar room, ground floor (5530.EG.003) (Exzellenzzentrum / IGSSE. Seminar room, ground floor (5530.EG.003))

Seminar room, ground floor (5530.EG.003)

Exzellenzzentrum / IGSSE. Seminar room, ground floor (5530.EG.003)

Exzellenzzentrum / IGSSE (International Graduate School of Science and Engineering), Boltzmannstrasse 17, 85748 Garching
Andreas Müller (Excellence Cluster Universe)
The Excellence Cluster Universe organises an interdisciplinary workshop "Challenges in statistical inference" which will take place during 7-9 November 2016.

Venue: International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), Boltzmannstr. 17 on Garching campus close to the Mensa.

This workshop aims to connect experts working on challenging data-analysis  problems applied on various disciplines ranging from natural sciences to computer science and engineering. A broad spectrum of methodologies related to qualitative assessment of data interpretation will be presented, discussed, and advanced.

A forefront topic of the workshop is on the statistical inference of complex models. Differences and synergies between various data-analysis approaches will be highlighted in order to establish interdisciplinary links and knowledge transfer.  

The key questions, addressed during the three days workshop, are:  
1. What are the current advanced methods and what are their strengths and limitations?  
2. What are the upcoming challenges with the interpretation of complex data?  
3. How to address these challenges?  

–Machine learning,  
–Data interpretation for complex models,  
–Model comparison and testing,  
–Information theory,  
–Data-constrained simulation,  
–Optimization and optimal control 

If you are interested to attend, please register.
Submissions of titles and abstracts ended.

There will be no fee.  

Scientific Organising Committee:
Frederik Beaujean (LMU)
Torsten Ensslin (MPA)
Fabrizia Guglielmetti (MPA)
Stefan Hilbert (LMU)
Jens Jasche (TUM)
Andreas Mueller (TUM); Chair

This event is organised and funded by the Excellence Cluster Universe.

Update 26th August: First titles+abstracts online (see timetable)
Update 18th October: Registration deadline changed to 31st October.
Update 27th October: Call for abstracts closed.
Update 27th October: Final program is online!
Update 4th November: Map to venue added
Update 6th November: Buchner talk moved from Monday to Wednesday
Update 9th November: First talk files (pdf) online
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Program with abstracts (Update 4 Nov 2016)
Program without abstracts (Update 4 Nov 2016)
  • Alex Saro
  • Andreas Hoenle
  • Andreas Zöller
  • Anjishnu Bandyopadhyay
  • Christian Graf
  • Daniel Pumpe
  • David Straub
  • Eva Krägeloh
  • Fabian Knust
  • Fabio Baruffa
  • Felix Bott
  • Florian Kaspar
  • Frederik Beaujean
  • Guenter Duckeck
  • Ignacio Izaguirre
  • Inh Jee
  • Isabell Franck
  • Javad Komijani
  • Johannes Buchner
  • Jorge S. Diaz
  • Jovan Mitrevski
  • Julia Sawatzki
  • Jörg Dietrich
  • Lukas Bruder
  • Malin Renneby
  • Maria Cordero
  • Martin Losekamm
  • Maximilian Koschade
  • Maximilian Totzauer
  • Mohammad Mirkazemi
  • Natalia Porqueres
  • Paola Andreani
  • Peter Krizan
  • Philipp Bauer
  • Philipp Gadow
  • Reimar Leike
  • Rui Zhang
  • Sebastian Grandis
  • Tamas Norbert Varga
  • Thomas Kuhr
  • Thomas Pöschl
  • Varvara Batozskaya
  • Xun Shi
  • yu wang