Seminar Strong Interaction

CP violation: the charming bit

by Prof. Marco Gersabeck (The University of Manchester - School of Physics and Astronomy )

3344 (TUM - Physics Department - Garching)


TUM - Physics Department - Garching

James-Franck-Str.1 85748 Garching

CP violation is looking back on a decade-long history, which started with its discovery in kaons 55 years ago. The Kobayashi-Maskawa mechanism describes CP violation in the Standard Model with a single complex phase, which leads to a tiny effect in charm mesons. It took until earlier this year when the LHCb experiment first observed a non-zero asymmetry in an analysis of its complete dataset of charm decays. The talk will review the history of CP violation and describe the pathway towards the discovery at LHCb. It will cover the breadth of the field nowadays where many questions remain to be answered. Having discussed the situation of theoretical calculations, the talk will conclude with an outlook on future measurements at Belle II and the LHCb Upgrades.

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