Seminar Strong Interaction

“Jets as probes of no-perturbative QCD and the hot QCD-medium”

by Eliane Epple (Los Alamos National Laboratory & CERN)

3344 (TUM - Physics Department - Garching)


TUM - Physics Department - Garching

James-Franck-Str.1 85748 Garching

Jet are a versatile probe of many aspects of QCD. In pp collisions they can be used to study non-perturbative effects of jet formation. This includes propertiessuch as hadronisation and multi-parton-interactions. In PbPb collisions jets are used to probe the influence of the hot-QCD medium and determine the medium transport properties.
I will show jets reconstructed within the ALICE detector in pp and PbPb collisions at 5.02TeV.
In pp we reconstructed jets with radii of R=0.1 to R=0.6 to gain sensitivity to different
aspects of the jet formation. In PbPb we reconstructed jets with R=0.2 and R=0.4. The comparison to the jet production in pp (R_AA) shows a significant suppression of jet yield which is compared to several jet quenching models.

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