New Physics searches in B meson semileptonic decays

by Bernat Capdevila (University of Torino)

Main Auditorium (MPP)

Main Auditorium


Over the last few years, the LHCb collaboration has been finding tensions between measurements and Standard Model predictions for several observables related to B meson decays mediated by an underlying b —> s\ell\ell transition. Other experiments at the LHC and the Belle collaboration have found consistent results, albeit with larger errors. Similar discrepancies have also been observed in similar decay modes mediated by the charged current b —> c\ell\nu. These tensions have been identified as potential signs of New Physics and one approach to assess their significance is to perform global fits to all available data. In this seminar, I will discuss the techniques used for the computation of the relevant observables in our fits and present the latest results of our global analyses and some of their implications.