English Writing for Physicists

by Daniel Greenwald (TUM), Prof. Stephan Paul (TUM)

MIAPbP (Auditorium )



Boltzmannstrasse 2 IPP CAMPUS Garching

This course aims at teaching two key competences in scientific life: How to write a scientific paper/thesis How to write clear applications We discuss all aspects of scientific paper writing and touch the following subjects Style of (scientific) english writing - basic english grammar - elements of style with emphasis on commonly occurring mistakes - editing your own writing - introduction to English references Papers: How to frame a paper - How to choose the journal - How to choose a title How to structure a paper and the scientific content - Abstract writing - Laying out of a paper - Laying out of plots and graphs - How to efficiently prepare a paper (includes paper writing in collaborations) Referencing (including pratice with endnotes and bibtex) Conferences: - How to write a conference abstract - How to write proceedings (strong page limitations) Thesis (master/PhD thesis) - appropriate structuring your thesis (introduction, main body, conclusions, appendices..) Funding applications: - Determine what you really want/need - Choose the context/topic - Joint funding - How to choose the funding agency/funding program - How to choose your language and style of writing The course will give guidelines (there a few general rules) on how to organize and conduct your work. The course will work with real examples ((famous) papers, theses, applications). Using examples the participants will have to design/write their own sample work (like abstracts, introductions, conclusions, summaries). A native English speaker will give hints on proper use of english language, idioms and writing style all adapted to the scientific context, based on well referenced standards.

Lecture Material Week 1 - 19-4-23
Lecture Material Week 2 - 26.4.23
Lecture Material Week 3 - 3.4.23
Lecture Material Week 4 - 10.5.2023
Lecture Material Week 5 - 17.5.2023
Lecture Material Week 6 - 24.5.2023
Lecture Material week 7 - 31.5.2023
Lecture Material Week 8 - 14.6.2023
Lecture Material Week 9 - 21.6.2023
Organized by

Stephan Paul
Daniel Greenwald