Invisibles Data Days

Auditorium A.1.01 (Max-Planck Institute for Physics (MPP))

Auditorium A.1.01

Max-Planck Institute for Physics (MPP)

Boltzmannstr. 8 85748 Garching

The "Inivisible Data Days" are a workshop on open access and public data infrastructure for dark matter and neutrino physics. We will bring together people from data providers, data users, and infrastructure to discuss the current state in the field and future needs.

We will try to establish a dialogue between the three sectors so we understand how best to curate public data in the future, concerning:

  • Data Providers (Experiments): Introduction, nature of results, analysis and public data. Best PRACTICAL way to make reinterpretation of the data possible and simple. Current modes of data sharing (if any).
  • Data Users (Fitter groups, theory/pheno groups): Demonstration of use cases, case for public data, how it is being utilized and issues with current situation (if any).
  • Data Infrastructure: Includes current data stewards, and people working on development of related infrastructure (Public likelihoods, Statistics, Data formats). Connection to available public data usage scenario. Working details.

The event features invited speakers from:

  • Experiments:
    • MAGIC, LoDMAx
    • ATLAS, CMS
  • Infrastructure:
    • DMDC, HepData, CERN OpenData, ESCAPE, iDMEU
    • Public Likelihoods & Data format
  • Users:
    • Nu-Fit, Gambit

There is no registration fee for the event, but please register.

Zoom information for remote participants:

  • Alessandro Schwemmer
  • Amelia Bayo
  • Andrzej Buras
  • Anna Bertolini
  • Aritra Basu
  • Axel Arbet-Engels
  • Beatrice Mauri
  • Benedikt Riedel
  • Carsten Burgard
  • Caterina Doglioni
  • Christian Strandhagen
  • Christoph Köhler
  • Clemens Dittmar
  • David Hervas Aguilar
  • David Paneque
  • Elena Cuppini
  • Eleonora Rebecca Cipelli
  • Elisabetta Bossio
  • Federica Petricca
  • Felix Hagemann
  • Florian Henkes
  • Francesca Capel
  • Giuseppe Andronico
  • Graeme Watt
  • Heerak Banerjee
  • James Frost
  • Jan Ploessner
  • Julian Kuhlmann
  • Kruteesh Desai
  • Lena Saurenhaus
  • Lorenz Gärtner
  • Luigi Pertoldi
  • Lukas Heinrich
  • Marco Maria Zanirato
  • Martin Stahlberg
  • Martin White
  • María Luisa Sarsa
  • Michele Maltoni
  • Moritz Neuberger
  • Mukund Bharadwaj
  • Nicole Hartman
  • Niko Lay
  • Oliver Schulz
  • Pedro Guillaumon
  • Philipp Eller
  • sandra kortner
  • Stefan Schoenert
  • Steffen Hagstotz
  • Tamara Pardo
  • Valentyna Mokina
  • Wolfgang Waltenberger
  • Xaver Stribl
  • Xiang Liu