Research Area G Science Day

Lecture Hall, 4th Floor (MPI for Astrophysics (MPA), Garching)

Lecture Hall, 4th Floor

MPI for Astrophysics (MPA), Garching

On 9 May, the Research Area G investigating the nuclear astrophysics, origin of elements and stellar evolution will hold a meeting to present and discuss the status and results of projects within this group. The meeting addresses members of the Excellence Cluster Universe as well as scientists of other research institutions. No registration is necessary, just come, participate in the discussions and enjoy.


Wolf-Christian Müller (IPP)
 Properties of compressible hydrodynamic and magneto-hydrodynamic turbulence
10:10    Jeremy Holt (TUM, T39) 
From 14C dating to dense nuclear matter: 3-nucleon correlations at work
10:50    Coffee Break
Shawn Bishop (TUM, E12)
 Experimental nuclear astrophysics: grab-bag at TUM
Maria-Fernanda Nieva (MPA) 
A cosmic abundance standard from massive stars in the solar neighbourhood
12:40    Lunch break (light meal at MPA)
13:30    Roland Diehl (MPE)
 Radioactivities as a tool: supernovae and massive stars
Shinja Wanajo (Universe Cluster, Univ. Tokyo) 
Nucleosynthesis of the elements beyond iron: where should we go?
14:50    Coffee Break
15:20    Markus Kromer (MPA)
 Modelling Type Ia supernovae: can we understand the diversity?
16:00    General discussion; renewal proposal
17:30    End of the meeting