Dark matter searches and LHC: global analyses of phenomenological WIMP scenarios

by Chiara Arina (UCL)

HS3 (Physikdepartment I)


Physikdepartment I

Studies of dark matter lie at the interface of collider physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Constraining models featuring dark matter candidates entails the capability to provide accurate predictions for large sets of observables and compare them to a wide spectrum of data. I will  present a framework to consistently and systematically make predictions and confront them with a multitude of experimental results. As an application, I will consider two classes of Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) models: (i) simplifed top-philic dark matter models and (ii) supersymmetry with neutralino or sneutrino as dark matter candidate.  I will show the complementarity of relic density, direct (and indirect) detection and collider searches in constraining the multi-dimensional model parameter space, and efficiently identifying regions where individual approaches to dark matter detection provide the most stringent bounds. In the context of collider studies of dark matter, the complementarity of LHC searches will reveal useful in probing different regions of the model parameter space with final states involving top quarks, photons, jets, multi-leptons and/or missing energy.
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