Dr. Francis Froborg (Imperial College London) - WIMP Modulation Detection with the SABRE NaI(Tl) experiment

Main Auditorium (MPP)

Main Auditorium


Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut) Föhringer Ring 6 80805 Munich
The SABRE (Sodium iodide with Active Background REjection) experiment aims to detect WIMP dark matter by its annual modulation signature. Such a modulation has been measured by the DAMA/LIBRA experiment in NaI(Tl) crystals. However, the interpretation as WIMP signal is controversial due to contradicting results by other experiments with different target materials. Using an array of high-purity Na(Tl) crystals submerged in an active liquid scintillator veto, SABRE aims to shed light onto the controversy. Twin detectors in the northern hemisphere (LNGS, same as DAMA) and southern hemisphere (SUPL, Australia) will reduce systematic effects and allow to study a potential signal in more detail. This talk will give an overview on the experimental design, the current status including progress on crystal growing, and an outlook on future plans.
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