"Factorization for precision predictions of jet observables at the LHC", by Piotr Pietrulewicz (DESY Hamburg)

PH 3344 (TUM, Physik-Department)

PH 3344

TUM, Physik-Department

James-Franck-Str. 1, Garching
Measurements with jets are ubiquitous at the LHC. In order to enhance the signal-to-background ratio constraints on the final state QCD radiation are frequently imposed, e.g. in jet binning for Higgs production and in particular in jet substructure. Making precision predictions for such multiscale processes is quite challenging. In this talk I will illustrate how one can tackle this problem using an appropriate factorization setup which disentangles the physics at the different scales and allows for the resummation of large logarithms. As a specific example for a jet observable I will discuss the invariant mass of a jet (with and without grooming), which is a benchmark substructure measurement.
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