Physics at HL-LHC and Future Colliders

by Prof. Aleandro Nisati

Main Auditorium (Max-Planck-Insitut für Physik)

Main Auditorium

Max-Planck-Insitut für Physik

Föhringer Ring 6 80805 München

The discovery of the 125 GeV Higgs boson sets a new era in high-energy physics. With the observation of this particle, the Standard Model is a complete theory, and the Higgs sector should be studied in all its aspects. This investigation, already on going at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will continue also with the LHC upgrade luminosity programme, HL-LHC. The main physics prospects at the HL-LHC, and at the future collider experiments proposed by the high-energy physics community to continue these investigation after LHC, are presented and discussed.

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