Jul 11 – 13, 2018
Europe/Berlin timezone
Registration deadline 10 June 2018

Scientific Program

Meson-Meson scattering

Jacobo Ruiz de Elvira (Bern)
Dispersive analysis for πK

Bachir Moussallam (Paris)
Isospin and chiral symmetries in D → K ππ amplitudes in the Khuri-Treiman formalism

Stefan Ropertz (Bonn)
Extensions of pion form factors beyond 1 GeV

Manoel Robilotta (Sao Paulo)
KK scattering predictions from D+ → K-K+K+ decay amplitude

Bertram Kopf (Bochum - BESS II)
Coupled Channel Analysis with e+e- and Scattering data

Three-body final states interactions

Tobias Isken (Bonn)
Khuri--Treiman for η' decays and D+ → K-π+π+

Bruno El-Bennich (Sao Paulo)
Parametrisations of hadronic three-body decay amplitudes

Feng-Kun Guo (Beijing)
What we learn about the charmed meson spectrum from B → Dππ

Keri Vos (Siegen)
CP Violation in Multi-body B-decays from QCD Factorization

Emilie Passemar (Indiana)
Hadronic tau decays

Experimental Three-body final states interactions

M. Mikhasenko (Bonn - COMPASS)
Extraction of resonance parameters in 3$\pi$ systems

Fabian Krinner (TUM - COMPASS)
Model-independent analysis in COMPASS

Jonas Rademacker (Bristol - LHCb)
LHCb owerview on FSI of many-body decays

Jeremy Dalseno ( Santiago de Compostela - LHCb )
B → 3h amplitude analysis in LHCb

Alexey Garmash (Novosibirsk - Belle)
Belle results on three-body B decays

Alexander Austregesilo (Jlab - Gluex)
Strategy and foreseeable issues in GlueX 3-body analysis