Special Universe Lecture: Magnetic fields in the early universe

by Kandaswamy Subramanian (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, India)

seminar room, basement (Universe Cluster, Boltzmannstr. 2, Garching)

seminar room, basement

Universe Cluster, Boltzmannstr. 2, Garching


Abstract: Could magnetic fields be a relic from the early Universe, arising perhaps during the inflationary epoch when density fluctuations are also generated or in some other phase transition? Indeed, such a mechanism would be favored, if the tentative indications, that magnetic fields at the femto Gauss level pervade even the voids regions almost empty of galaxies, are firmed up. We discuss the prospects of such primordial field generation, their subsequent evolution and their possible observational signatures.

Kandaswamy is a Cluster guest. Local host: Torsten Ensslin (MPA)

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