Seminar über Physik der Starken Wechselwirkung, „Higher-twist B-meson Distribution Amplitudes in HQET“

by Prof. Vladimir Braun (Universität Regensburg - Theoretische Physik)

PH 3344 (Seminarraum Theorie) (TUM, Physik-Department)

PH 3344 (Seminarraum Theorie)

TUM, Physik-Department

James-Franck-Str. 1, Garching

We present a systematic study of higher-twist distribution amplitudes (DAs) of the B-meson which give rise to power-suppressed 1/m_B contributions to B-decays in final states with energetic light particles in the framework of QCD factorization. As the main result, we find that the renormalization group equations for the three-particle distributions are completely integrable in the large Nc limit and can be solved exactly. General properties of the solutions are studied. We propose simple models for higher-twist DAs which satisfy all existing constraints and can be used in phenomenological studies.


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