The Conformal Standard Model

by Prof. Hermann Nicolai

Main Auditorium (Max Planck Institut für Physik)

Main Auditorium

Max Planck Institut für Physik

Föhringer Ring 6 80805 München
The Conformal Standard Model (CSM) is a minimal extension of 
the  Standard Model of Particle Physics based on the assumed absence of 
large intermediate scales between the TeV scale and the Planck scale, 
which incorporates only right-chiral neutrinos and a new complex scalar in
addition to the usual SM degrees of freedom, but no other features such as
supersymmetric partners. In this talk I will present an overview
and argue that all outstanding issues of particle physics proper can in
principle be solved ‘in one go’ within this framework. The main testable
prediction of the model is a new and almost sterile scalar boson that 
would manifest itself as a narrow resonance in the TeV region.
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