Issues in Baryon Spectroscopy



Boltzmannstr. 2 85748 Garching, Germany

Organized by Stephan Paul, Nora Brambilla, Simon Eidelman, Christoph Hanhart, Luciano Maiani

The topical workshop is a part of the MIAPP 2019 Program "Deciphering Strong-Interaction Phenomenology through Precision Hadron-Spectroscopy".

Its main goal is to report on the status of baryons, from both the experimental and theoretical sides.

With a few exceptions (like, e.g., the Delta resonance and the narrow pentaquark signals observed at LHCb), it is in general a formidable task to identify baryons and extract their properties from experimental data.

Often overlapping resonances call for advanced theoretical tools to be employed in the partial wave analyses necessary to make the baryon signals visible. However, it is not obvious how to construct the amplitudes in the best way. Accordingly, in some cases different analyses come to different conclusions. At the workshop the experimental and theoretical understanding of different systems will be discussed and critically examined, with the final goal to shed light on their nature.

Also planned is a discussion about the criteria relevant to label a resonance as ‚established‘.

The agenda of this meeting is empty