Experimental tests of low-energy phenomenological models of strong interactions in Primakoff reactions at CERN and in Serpukhov in the past 30 years

by Mr Andrei Maltsev

Seminar room basement (ORIGINS Cluster Building)

Seminar room basement

ORIGINS Cluster Building


Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of strong interactions, is unable to give quantitative predictions at low energies. For this purpose, phenomenological models are used instead. One of the most successful models is Chiral Perturbation Theory. Experimental tests of such models are of particular interest as a means to control their regions of applicability.

In this talk, an overview of experiments in the past 30 years at CERN and in Serpukhov aimed at testing low-energy phenomenological models (SIGMA, VES, COMPASS) will be given, as well as their comparison. The possibilities of new tests of these models at COMPASS experiment will be discussed.