17th Rußbach School on Nuclear Astrophysics, March 2020

Rußbach am Paß Gschütt, Austria

Rußbach am Paß Gschütt, Austria

Gasthof Auswinkl Gseng 57 5442 Rußbach am Pass Gschütt Austria.

We announce that the 17th Russbach School on Nuclear Astrophysics will again take place at the village of Rußbach am Paß Gschütt, southeast of Salzburg, Austria. The school dates will be from March 15 (arrival and registration) to March 21 (departure) 2020. This school belongs to the European Network of Nuclear Astrophysics Schools (ENNAS). We shall limit the number of participants to about 60 to ensure a convivial atmosphere, and the possibility to share dinners between all participants.

In keeping with its tradition, the school will bring together specialists from the various sub-fields of astrophysics, astronomy, cosmochemistry and nuclear physics with the aim to raise mutual interest and to teach under- and postgraduate students, young post-docs as well as senior scientists interested to be introduced to nuclear astrophysics. The school will be organized in major topical sessions, with dedicated lecture time for basic introduction, presentations of the various aspects of the topic, and ample time for discussions and out-door activities in the Dachstein West mountain region.

Students and young researchers are highly encouraged to give oral presentations. The websites for previous schools, for those interested in seeing a historical overview of some of our previous lecturers, can be found at the following links:

2019 School: https://indico.ph.tum.de/event/4158/
2018 School: https://indico.ph.tum.de/event/3845/
2017 School: http://indico.universe-cluster.de/indico/event/russbach2017
2016 School: http://www.universe-cluster.de/russbach2016
2015 School: http://www.universe-cluster.de/russbach2015
2014 School: http://russbachwks2014.sciencesconf.org/

We are presently accepting abstracts and, if you are interested to give a presentation, please use the abstract link in the navigation menu. The deadline for abstract submissions is:  January 31, 2020.

The accommodation expenses for the school's duration, including half board (breakfast and dinner), are as follows: approx. €420 for a double-room, and approx. €480  for a single room. These include taxes, and these prices include your breakfast and your evening dinner (lunch is not included). Note further that single rooms are reserved for special cases, such as speakers with accompanying family/children. In addition, we will ask for modest registration fees for senior scientists, post-docs and PhD students. There will be no fee for undergraduate students.

The specific site of the school is the Hotel Gasthof Auswinkl, the location of which can be found here.

School poster:





Additional Info:

17th Rußbach School Registration Form, for 2020
63 / 67
  • Aikaterini Zyriliou
  • Aldana Grichener
  • Alessandro Chieffi
  • Anastasia Cassisa
  • Andras Vitez-Sveiczer
  • Andrew Ratkiewicz
  • Anukriti Ghimire
  • Asa Skuladottir
  • Bernadette Rebeiro
  • Bibek Gautam
  • Brad Gibson
  • Cameron Angus
  • Chloé Fougères
  • Claudia Travaglio
  • Claudio Santonastaso
  • Danial Yahyazadeh
  • David Werner
  • Djamila Sarah HARROUZ
  • Eliana Masha
  • Emma Monpribat
  • Felix Heim
  • Francois de Oliveira Santos
  • Gerhard Schmidt
  • Haykuhi Mkrtchyan
  • Hendrik Schulte
  • Hyun Lim
  • Israt Jahan Suhi
  • Jean Nippert
  • Jeremias Garcia Duarte
  • Konrad Schmidt
  • Kristyn Brandenburg
  • Laura Magrini
  • Lin Gan
  • Madalina Ravar
  • Marcelo Rubio
  • Marco Palla
  • Martin Müller
  • Matej Lipoglavsek
  • Michael Hannawald
  • Mohamed Ismaiel
  • Mohammed Akram Zermane
  • Nadia Erraji
  • Nando Patat
  • Nikolay Shchechilin
  • olivier sorlin
  • Paolo Matteo Simonetti
  • Polytimos Vasileiou
  • Pranav Nalamwar
  • Pratik Dongre
  • Qiuhe Peng
  • Rajiv Gupta
  • Remco Zegers
  • Riccardo Mucciola
  • Rosanna Depalo
  • Roza Avetisyan
  • Sean Burcher
  • Shawn Bishop
  • Tiekuang Dong
  • Tobias Schröder
  • Vinzenz Velten
  • Wei Jia Ong
  • XingQun Yao
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