Tau Lepton Physics at Belle II

by Francesco Techini (DESY)

Main Auditorium (Max Planck Institute for Physics)

Main Auditorium

Max Planck Institute for Physics

Föhringer Ring 6 80805 München

Despite the tremendous success of the Standard Model in describing the fundamental forces of nature, there is abundant evidence of phenomena outside the reach of this theory, such as the unexplained mass hierarchy within fundamental particles, the existence of dark matter, or the fact that neutrinos, which are assumed to be massless, have instead small but non-zero masses. All of these can be probed by studying tau lepton decays, where unambiguous signs of new physics might manifest in the form of lepton number or lepton flavor violating processes. 

The Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB, which has recently completed commissioning in 2018, offers the ideal environment for such studies with its large tau pair production cross section. Belle II started main operation in 2019, with the ultimate goal to record an unprecedented 50 ab−1 of e+e- collision data. I will cover the short and long term prospects of tau measurements at Belle II.

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