CANCELED: The structure of collider events

by Prof. Gavin Salam

Main Auditorium (Max Planck Institute for Physics)

Main Auditorium

Max Planck Institute for Physics

Föhringer Ring 6 80805 München

The discovery of the Higgs boson has brought a new sector of fundamental interactions within our reach, a sector unlike any other that we have probed before. To learn about this sector, other aspects of the Standard Model, and to extend the reach of searches for new physics, the LHC is exploring two frontiers: one of accuracy, the other of maximising information extraction from events. Crucial to both frontiers is how well we understand the structure of events, the nature of the information contained within them, and how that information gets transformed across energy scales that span a range from several TeV down to the GeV. After giving an overview of where we stand, I will discuss recent advances in our ability to understand of one the most central theoretical tools in particle physics, the parton shower, used in almost every experimental study to interpret the structure of collider events.