Generalized Threshold Factorization with Full Collinear Dynamics

by Johannes Michel (MIT)

Europe/Berlin (HS3, Physikdepartment)

HS3, Physikdepartment


Soft threshold factorization is a widely used tool in precision QCD predictions for the LHC. It is derived in the limit where both momentum fractions carried by the two incoming partons approach 1, and enables the resummation of a set of dominant terms to all orders in the strong coupling, leading to an improved convergence of the perturbative series and an improved uncertainty estimate.

In this talk, I will discuss how to generalize this classic QCD result to the case where only one momentum fraction approaches 1, with no assumptions on the other. I point out how the ingredients in this generalized factorization theorem relate to other factorization limits, and in particular explain how making this weaker assumption enables predicting (and resumming) a much richer set of terms in the partonic cross section to all orders.

I present a few, among many, future applications of the new theorem in precision phenomenology at hadron colliders, and also comment on connections to recent successes in extending the symmetric soft factorization to next-to-leading power.