What becomes of vortices when they grow giant

by A.A. Penin (Alberta)

Europe/Berlin (online only)

online only


Vortices, string-like topologically nontrivial solutions of field equations, naturally appear in the theory of superconductivity, superfluidity, and QCD confinement. Giant vortices carrying large topological charge are of particular interest and are observed experimentally in a variety of quantum condensed matter systems. In this talk I describe a theory of giant vortices based on an asymptotic expansion in inverse powers of their winding number n. In this framework the winding number is associated with a ratio of dynamical scales and the expansion is then derived in the spirit of effective field theory. As an application of the method I present a number of asymptotic results and finite-n corrections for the vortex solutions in abelian Higgs (Ginzburg-Landau) model.