Towards Black Hole Scattering from Quantum Phase Shifts

by Ofri Telem (Berkeley)

Europe/Berlin (online only)

online only


I begin with a bird's eye view of the recent progress on the EFT for black hole inspirals, with an emphasis on the key role played by gravity loop amplitudes. I then present some work in progress on an alternative approach to the problem. In this alternative approach, the classical scattering angle emerges from the phase shifts of a QM scattering problem. I present a proof-of-principle of this method by reproducing the scattering angle of a probe mass in the backgrounds of a Schwarzschild BH and NUT space, to all-orders in the Post Minkowskian expansion. I end with some thoughts on how to generalize this method beyond the probe limit - with an emphasis on Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals accessible to LISA.