Positive Geometry, local triangulations and the dual of the Amplituhedron

by Cameron Langer (Penn State University)



We initiate the systematic study of local positive spaces which arise in the context of the Amplituhedron for scattering amplitudes in planar maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. We show that all local positive spaces relevant for one-loop MHV amplitudes are characterized by certain sign-flip conditions and are associated with surprisingly simple logarithmic forms. In the maximal sign-flip case they are finite one-loop octagons. Particular combinations of sign-flip spaces can be glued into new local positive geometries. These correspond to local pentagon integrands that appear in the local expansion of the MHV one-loop amplitude. We show that, geometrically, these pentagons do not triangulate the original Amplituhedron space but rather its twin "Amplituhedron-Prime." This new geometry has the same boundary structure as the Amplituhedron (and therefore the same logarithmic form) but differs in the bulk as a geometric space. Interestingly, we find that the pentagons internally triangulate that dual space. This gives direct evidence that the chiral pentagons are natural building blocks for a yet-to-be discovered dual Amplituhedron.