Jul 12 – 30, 2021
Bad Honnef Physics School
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster session

Jul 23, 2021, 2:20 PM
Online (Bad Honnef Physics School)


Bad Honnef Physics School


Ajaharul Islam (Kent State University) Aminul Islam Chowdhury (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Mr El mostafa Jalal (Université Sultan Moulay Slimane) Felipe Ortega Gama (William & Mary) Jamie Stafford Karthein (University of Houston) Mehedi Hasan (Nanyang Technological University)


The poster session will be held at wonder.me (see link on overview page). There will be a dedicated area where students presenting a poster can stand with their avatars and present their poster/slides using the share screen function. The video panels (including shared screen) of everyone in a "circle" can be made larger, or one video panel can be made full screen (the viewer needs to right click on that video panel, and select "full screen").

Presentations from the students are an integral part of the school that allow the presenters to practice their presentation skills and the audience to engage in informal discussions on new topics that may be beyond their immediate research area and get a better perspective on the research field in general. However, this relies on your attendance and participation. We thus ask you to invest time in attending the poster session.

Registered presenters and their topics:

Aminul Islam Chowdhury: Constraining the strength of U(1)_A symmetry breaking using a non-local chiral quark model

Mehedi Hasan: TBA

Ajaharul Islam: Bottomonium suppression and elliptic flow using Heavy Quarkonium Quantum Dynamics

El mostafa Jalal: Effects of the single-ion anisotropy on magnetic and thermodynamic properties of a ferrimagnetic mixed-spin (1,3/2) square Ising nanowire

Felipe Ortega Gama: Elastic form-factors of resonances from lattice QCD

Jamie Stafford Karthein: Lattice-based equations of state for heavy-ion-collision systems

Presentation materials