RU-D: "From the Large-Scale Structure to Galaxies, Stars and Planets" Science Day of the ORIGINS Excellence Cluster

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 9:00 AM
MPA Large Seminar Room (E.0.11)

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Sep 22, 2021
9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction - Volker Springel (Chair of Morning Session) and Andreas Burkert (Chair of Afternoon Session)   (E.0.11)
9:10 AM Today's and Tomorrow's Workspace - Alice Smith-Gicklhorn (Excellence Cluster ORIGINS)   (E.0.11)
9:20 AM Star formation and multi-scale physics in disc galaxies: the PHANGS perspective - Eric Emsellem   (E.0.11)
9:50 AM Merging filaments: A race against collapse - Elena Hoemann   (E.0.11)
10:10 AM The impact of magnetic fields on protostellar mass accretion - Stefan Heigl   (E.0.11)
10:30 AM Massive star explosions and large-scale galaxy dynamics - Maryam Arabsalmani   (E.0.11)
10:50 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM The impact of merging supermassive black holes on the internal structure of massive galaxies - Thorsten Naab   (E.0.11)
11:30 AM Cosmological simulations predict that AGN preferentially live in gas-rich, star-forming galaxies - Samuel Ruthven Ward   (E.0.11)
11:50 AM Impact of AGN feedback on galaxies and their multiphase ISM across cosmic time - Milena Valentini   (E.0.11)
12:10 PM Simulations of galaxy formation in the brane world - Cesar Hernandez-Aguayo   (E.0.11)
12:30 PM --- Lunch at IPP's Kochmanufaktor ---
1:30 PM Galaxy Evolution and Metallicity: Simple Evolution Models vs. Observations & Cosmological Simulations - Rolf Kudritzki   (E.0.11)
2:00 PM X-ray photoevaporation and the evolution of embedded giant planets - Michael Weber   (E.0.11)
2:20 PM Recent advances in studying the galaxy-environment connection on large scales - Alexandre Barreira   (E.0.11)
2:40 PM The stellar halo of massive early type galaxies - Claudia Pulsoni   (E.0.11)
3:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
3:15 PM A multi-frequency view on the eROSITA final equatorial depth survey (eFEDS) - Matthias Klein   (E.0.11)
3:45 PM Multi-wavelength analyses of galaxy clusters: from individual systems to large surveys - Marina Ricci   (E.0.11)
4:05 PM Galaxy population in SPT galaxy clusters: the impact of cluster mergers - Daniel Hernandez-Lang   (E.0.11)
4:25 PM Closing Remarks - Volker Springel and Andreas Burkert   ()
4:35 PM --- Social gathering & informal discussions ---