The Future and Far Future of e+e-Colliders

by Michael Peskin (SLAC)

Auditorium (IAS )




Here in the US, we are engaged in a discussion of the future of high energy physics through the Snowmass 2021 study, to be followed by a new DOE/NSF prioritization panel (P5).   This study has raised a number of new issues that I hope will be interesting to a German audience.  This talk will discuss:   (1)  review of the proposal for the International Linear Collider in Japan and discussion of its current status,  (2) a new proposal for an e+e- Higgs factory based on a warm copper RF technology, called C3. This is being proposed at Snowmass as a US-based initiative.  (3) ideas on the far future of electron linear colliders.  Can these give an alternative path to physics at the multi-10-TeV scale?