Linear power corrections in collider observables

by Paolo Nason (Università di Milano-Bicocca)

Main auditorium hall 0-174 (MPP)

Main auditorium hall 0-174


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Linear power corrections (i.e. corrections of the form Lambda/Q,
where Lambda is a hadronic scale and Q the scale of a high energy process), related to renormalons, are present in many
collider observables, and can affect precision physics in a non-negligible way. I will present recent results that indicate that such corrections are not present in observables that are inclusive with respect to QCD radiation, in a sense that I will clarify in the talk.
This result applies to kinematic distributions of heavy neutral particles, but also to quantities where linear power corrections are
actually present, like shape variables in 𝑒+𝑒 annihilation, and, in fact, in these cases it provides a new and more powerful way to estimate them.