Garchinger Maier-Leibnitz-Kolloquium: Prompt gamma-ray spectroscopy for proton range verification: development and first in-human measurements

by Prof. Joost Verburg (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

Online via ZOOM

Online via ZOOM


A method to precisely determine the range of proton radiotherapy beams delivered to the patient has long been desired. It could enable better and more consistent treatments, facilitate new methods for treatments adaptation, and serve as a validation for other imaging modalities. We have developed a clinical system to perform range verification based on spectroscopy of prompt gamma-rays from proton nuclear interactions with the patient’s tissue. This presentation will give an overview of the development, methodology, and the engineering of our system. We will also show the results of recent experiments and the first measurements during patient treatment.

Online via ZOOM:

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Organized by

Peter Thirolf (LMU) / Norbert Kaiser (TUM)