ORIGINS CN-3 dark matter talk by Anna Genina (MPA) : Dwarf galaxies as probes of the nature of dark matter

by Lasha Berezhiani (MPP/LMU), Mathias Garny (TUM), Anna Genina (MPA), Fabian Schmidt (MPA)




Dwarf galaxies, such as those orbiting the Milky Way, are believed to be excellent testbeds in which to study dark matter. Their internal kinematics indicate that these are amongst the most dark matter-dominated objects in the Universe. Their relative proximity allows the collection of high-quality spectroscopic, photometric and proper motion data. These data contain crucial information on the inner structure of halos, which sets an important constraint on the particle physics properties of dark matter. However, high-resolution N-body hydrodynamics simulations suggest that the dark matter distribution in dwarf galaxies is also sensitive to the physics of galaxy formation, the details of which are not fully understood. In this talk, I will review the current status of dark matter studies in Galactic dwarf galaxies and the challenges we face in both observations and simulations.

The meeting will be virtual:

Meeting ID: 941 2762 0671

Passcode: 275639


The Munich dark matter meetings will resume with this talk. The format and time slot for future meetings will also be discussed.