Garchinger Maier-Leibnitz-Kolloquium: Production and polarization of S-wave quarkonium in potential non-relativistic QCD

by Dr Xiangpeng Wang (Physik Department, TU München)

Lecture Hall, ground floor west (LMU building, Am Coulombwall 1, Campus Garching)

Lecture Hall, ground floor west

LMU building, Am Coulombwall 1, Campus Garching


Based on the potential nonrelativistic QCD formalism, we compute the nonrelativistic QCD long-distance matrix elements (LDMEs) for inclusive production of S-wave heavy quarkonia. This greatly reduces the number of nonperturbative unknowns and brings in a substantial enhancement in the predictive power of the NRQCD factorization formalism. We obtain improved determinations of the LDMEs and find cross sections and polarizations of  Psi, Psi(2S), and excited Y states that agree well with LHC data. Our results may have important implications on pinning down the heavy quarkonium production mechanism.

Hybrid online access via ZOOM:
Meeting ID: 984 5733 2925
Passcode: 979953

Organized by

Peter Thirolf (LMU) / Norbert Kaiser (TUM)