ORIGINS guest Tracy Webb "Astrophysical detective work: investigating the mystery of high-redshift star-forming cluster cores."

Excellence Cluster ORIGINS, Basement Seminar Room, Building R1 on IPP Campus

Excellence Cluster ORIGINS, Basement Seminar Room, Building R1 on IPP Campus


Prof. Tracy Webb, McGill University, Montreal, is a long-term guest of Dr. Esra Bulbul, MPE, whose research focuses on galaxy clusters.

The centres of galaxy clusters are among the most violent, yet least understood, regions of the universe, at all redshifts.  Indeed their complex natures - which include the physics of large-scale gas cooling, star formation, Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) feedback and galaxy mergers/interactions -  make them key,  if if complicated, laboratories for hierarchical processes of structure growth. The two important components of cluster cores are the Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG) - a massive and unique galaxy sitting at the centre of the gravitational potential - and the diffuse Intracluster Light (ICL) which surrounds it.  Despite a relatively simple theoretical understanding of their formation and growth through dry mergers of satellites,  recent observations at higher redshifts offer a more nuanced view. In this talk, I will outline the work we have been doing with the Spitzer Adaptation of the Red Sequence Cluster Survey (SpARCS), a near-infrared cluster survey that has assembled a sample of high-redshift clusters. I will present evidence that  BCGs, and perhaps even the ICL, experience in-situ star formation which is significant to their overall stellar mass growth. This new way of looking at cluster cores has been confirmed by other programs, and can be explored even further with future wide field infrared surveys. 

Excellence Cluster ORIGINS
Boltzmannstr. 2 / Building R1 on IPP Campus
Basement Seminar Room (Hybrid event)
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Please arrive a bit early and grab a coffee and some cookies in our Cluster kitchen on the ground floor before or after the talk.

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