ORIGINS Guest Talk, Prof. Anthony Gonzalez: TEMPLATES: Targeting Extremely Magnified Panchromatic Lensed Arcs and Their Extended Star formation

USM lecture hall

USM lecture hall


Description: Prof. Anthony Gonzalez, University of Florida, a visitor of Dr. Stella Seitz, Dr. Matthias Kluge and Prof. Ralf Bender, is an expert in observational cosmology. 


TEMPLATES, one of the thirteen JWST Early Release Science programs, targets four strongly lensed galaxies at 1<z<5 to provide spatially resolved measures of star formation in an extinction-robust manner. These targets include both UV bright and dusty star-forming galaxies. The data, which include MIRI and NIRCam imaging as well as MIRI and NIRSpec IFU spectroscopy, provide spatial resolution approaching 100 pc within these galaxies. In this talk I will describe the scientific goals of TEMPLATES, present early results from the program based upon the data obtained thus far, and share lessons learned from our team's work with this early JWST data.

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USM and ORIGINS Excellence Cluster